Knuckle Up

Posted: Feb 27 2014

Welcome back citizens. It’s safe to say that the perfect accessory makes an outfit feel complete. From handbags, to sunglasses, to bracelets, and the list goes on and on. This season the accessory of choice has to be the knuckle ring. It’s elegant yet edgy enough to be the perfect conversation starter. From street style bloggers to the most fashionable celebs, knuckle rings can be found almost anywhere and on almost anyone. Rihanna was recently seen on a Good Morning America interview wearing a chic vintage Chanel skirt suit accompanied by a glamorous set of knuckle rings. Balenciaga has a beautiful gold set with a coiled detail known as the Golden Thick Tube Ring set retailing for an astonishing $765 at Barneys. If you love the look, but not the price you are in luck. You can get your own set at a steal of a price of just $18 solely at Shopflynation! The question is, are you ready to knuckle up? Because we are. Until next time, remember citizens, always be your best while looking your flyest


  • Posted by Dedi on April 04, 2015

    Works as just like the cable that came with the phone After reading on a Mac weitsbe about generic knock offs featuring the right cable authorization chipsets, I decided to take the plunge.Like many iPhone users, I was a little annoyed with the Lightning cable, a nice new way for Apple to gouge customers. Having cables dating back to my first iPod back in 2003, I’ve built up a nice collection of cables One for the office, one for the car, one for Mac Pro, one for the laptop, Apple decided to finally make a cable upgrade that offers little benefit over standards like mini or Micro USB, and isn’t USB 3.0. Consider me unimpressed. This cable is a nice way to purchase another cable without having to pay Apple prices ($20-30 for a cable? Really?). It works just the same, charges just the same, and acts just the same.Almost every negative review are from people who haven’t bought the cable or complaining about price, which it appears must have dropped in price recently. It works. Buy it. Save money. It syncs. It charges./edit I realize being annoyed with the Lightning cable does require some justification: See comments for details. Other than that, weeks later, cable works fine.

  • Posted by Premio on April 03, 2015

    Agreed! Accessories make a lot of difference in the ovarell look, and I reckon they can be used to spice up your outfit if it’s a little plain.Love from the NaNa girls x

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