6 Style Tips We Learned from Victoria Beckham

Posted: Aug 14 2015

Victoria Beckham is without a doubt one of the trendiest celebrities out there, and she has transformed from former Spice Girl to chic fashion designer.  As a mom of four, and successful businesswoman, Beckham manages to always look flawless when she steps out.  Here are some style tips we’ve picked up from the British beauty.

You Can Look both Professional and Sexy

It’s quite simple to look both sexy and professional at the same time, as Victoria Beckham can attest to.  The trick is knowing what areas to be modest in.  Beckham oozes sophistication, while still managing to give off a little sex appeal, as seen in these photos, by covering up in some areas and showing off her body in others.  In both photos, Beckham wears a dress and skirt that hit just below the knee, which still reveal her toned calves.  Her dress may have a high collar, but it is also sleeveless and gives everyone a view of her fabulous arms.

Don’t Be Afraid to Rock All Black

Wearing black from head to toe isn’t just a “gothic” look, and it is a chic look that anyone can pull off.  Victoria Beckham is a pro at making all-black outfits interesting and stylish no matter what situation she’s in.  Don’t be afraid to ditch the bright colors to mimic Victoria’s look and give off that cool and classy vibe.  Rock the all-black look yourself with this Slip Up Ribbed Tank Dress from shopflynation.com.

Ripped Denim Should Look Classy, Not Trashy

Victoria Beckham frequently wears ripped denim for a more casual look, but in no way does this celebrity ever appear trashy in them.  Beckham knows that the trick is to pair her distressed denim with other items that give her outfit a polished look, such as a black blazer or chic high-heeled boots.  Be sure to choose the right style of ripped denim to complement your body shape.  For instance, if you are pear-shaped, wear straight-leg boyfriend jeans with a minimal wash.  If you want to emphasize your figure, choose straight-leg or skinny jeans with a tighter fit.

A Biker Jacket Can Dramatically Affect Your Look

Biker jackets are a great way to give an edgier feel to your outfit, and the fit, color, and style of the jacket can all dramatically affect your appearance.  You can wear a cropped biker jacket paired with a cute dress to toughen up an innocent look, or you can pair it with skinny jeans and feminine heels like Victoria Beckham does here.

It’s All About the Bag

Not all of us have the money to buy hundreds of different handbags like Beckham, but we can switch it up from time to time.  The queen of fashion is always sporting a handbag that perfectly complements her outfits.  Beckham is frequently seen sporting her own collection of handbags and always manages to look flawless, even while balancing daughter Harper on her hip and showing off her white chain-handle bag seen here.  Beckham is a fan of big handbags with a more formal design, but this only works because she rarely dresses in a completely casual style.  If you are more prone to a beachy vibe, choosing a more formal handbag will simply look odd.  A handbag is an important accessory to any look and is often the first thing that people notice, so choose wisely.

Jumpsuits Are a Must-Have

Whether she’s walking the streets of London, or the red carpet, Victoria Beckham knows how to rock a jumpsuit.  The style guru likes to keep it simple with accessories such as a clutch and let her black jumpsuit speak for itself.  Many other celebrities also know the trick to wearing a jumpsuit is to not overwhelm the outfit with accessories and to pair the jumpsuit with a chic clutch.  While black is a popular color for celebs to wear, jumpsuits in bold colors can be just as stylish.

The Style and Cut of Ankle-Length Pants Matter

Victoria Beckham is not a tall woman and ankle-length pants could be a disaster if worn incorrectly, but she wouldn’t be caught dead making such mistakes.  Beckham knows that wearing slouchy ankle-length pants can make her look even shorter, but she pairs the pants with heels that elongate her figure.  If you’re on the short side like Beckham, it is recommended that you wear heels with them; otherwise, the pants are not flattering for your legs.  If you do decide to wear flats with ankle-length pants, make sure to choose ankle-length pants with a hem that shows more skin.


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