Look Hot Pool Side This Summer

Posted: Aug 14 2015

The sun is out, and that means wearing as little as possible to get a killer tan, and hitting up the best pool parties.  You want to look your best while lounging around the pool, and we have some tips to look hotter than ever before.

Get a Sun-Kissed Glow First

You might pay later for spending hours laying out in the sun now, when you develop wrinkles and sunspots later in life, so consider getting a slight spray tan to give you that sun-kissed glow.  If you’re not into spray tanning, there are other ways you can achieve a skin-kissed look without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.  First, learn what your natural skin tone is so that you can choose a bronzer that will complement it and give you that healthy glow.  Experts recommend choosing light pink blushes for paler skin tones and a deeper blush or bronzer if your skin tone is darker.  Another option is to for you to use a sunless self-tanner.  If you are applying a sunless tanner, make sure to first use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Get the Right Suit for Your Body

Having the right swimsuit for your body shape is a must.  Finding the perfect fitting swimsuit will give you confidence and allow you to relax (which is why you’re at the pool, right?).  Glamour Magazine can help you determine your shape and what swimsuits work best for you.  Then you can head over to shopflynation.com and pick out the summer’s hottest swimsuits that will flatter your shape.  For instance, athletic bodies should opt for a two-piece swimsuit that flatters their chest, while those who have bigger lower bodies should choose a one-piece that doesn’t cut off at their thighs.  Lanky bodies can rock a vintage glam look and give a boost to their curves, while apple-shaped women should choose swimsuits that support their upper bodies.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Summer doesn’t last long, so it’s important to wear the best summer accessories while you can.  Hot summer accessories to wear by the pool include chic arm bangles, cute floppy hats, long body necklaces, and, of course, sequined sunglasses.  Large beach bags are great for holding your towel and other beach must-haves.  Complete your look with a sexy wrap or sarong, and all eyes will be drawn to you.

Don’t Overdo It on Makeup

Wearing natural looking makeup for the beach and pool is the best way to go so that nothing smears in case you get wet.  To achieve this look, skip the heavy concealers by applying only light powder and switching from black mascara to clear mascara, like this one from CoverGirl.  Also, wearing any lip gloss or sticky lipstick isn’t recommended.  Instead, wear a lip stain or a tinted lip balm that won’t be affected by the summer heat.

Rock Beach Hair

It’s not worth it to go through all that work of straightening your hair when the chance of it getting ruined by water is high.  Instead, this can be an opportunity to rock some cool beach or poolside hairstyles that you normally don’t wear.  Here are just a few of some fun options you can do with your hair:

Messy Top Knot:  Messy top knots are great because they are so versatile.  You will see celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Gwen Stefani wearing top knots running errands or even on the red carpet.  This look appears effortless and looks low maintenance, but still adorable.

Chic Turban or Headband:  Turbans and headbands are a great way to keep hair off your face.  It also gives you a natural beach vibe when you wear it with braids.  Learn how to properly wear a turban here.

Braided Ponytail:  For those who like hair out of their face and might want to join in for a beach volleyball match later, braided ponytails are all the rage.  Learn how to get this Blake Lively-inspired braided ponytail by watching this easy how-to video.

Beachy Waves:  Beautiful, flowing waves are the ultimate summer hair trend.  The best part about this low-maintenance hairstyle is that you can skip the heat products, if your hair has a slight natural wave to it, and simply spritz in a moisturizer.  If your hair is normally straight, try braiding wet hair and allow it to air dry.


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