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Posted: Aug 14 2015

Anyone who is obsessed with fashion most likely gets inspiration from following blogs and websites that give out awesome tips and ideas.  Here are some awesome websites for all kinds of fashionistas.

Corporate Fashionista

For the working girl who wants to look stylish, Corporate Fashionista is a fashion website dedicated to professional women.  Whether you need a chic outfit to wear for a wedding, or a look that says, “hire me!”—Corporate Fashionista has your back. Kristin Moore, the founder, worked in corporate finance but always had a passion for fashion.  Now the website has many dedicated followers who need to dress for empowerment.

P.S. I Made This

If you have ever wandered into a store and thought, “I could make that,” then this website is for you.  At, you can find all sorts of chic looks and what you will need to make them.  The website isn’t just for the fashion-obsessed, however.  P.S. I Made This also features tasty recipes, such as the Tropical Cocktail Cake and cool tech pieces like this sequin camera strap.

Go Fug Yourself

Anyone who loves fashion and needs a good laugh should check out Go Fug Yourself.  This blog is run by two ladies who offer hilarious commentary on fashion looks by celebrities without the unnecessary cruel remarks that come from publications or T.V. shows.  Their GFY Glossary contains an array of funny definitions, such as Drunkface, meaning anyone who looks “artificially, actually, or avoidably (as on a magazine or poster) sloshed.”


As someone who has lived on both the East and the West coast, fashion blogger Blair Eadie has amassed a huge following over the years on her website called Atlantic-Pacific, and it’s no secret as to why.  Eadie has been influenced by a lot of different styles, thanks to multiple moves, but the blogger always manages to make trends her own.  Eadie is clearly a fan of solid color dresses, which you can find for a steal at  The website has tons of fantastic pictures of her modeling different types of clothes, and it’s bound to give anyone fashion inspiration.

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo’s fashion and style blog is swarming with great fashion ideas and tips for everyone looking to be the best dressed.  As the executive director at, the style icon has a lot of inside tips to share from her days of working as an actress and model.  She dishes a lot on beauty hacks for your skin and how important matching the right foundation color to your skin can be.  Palermo is an international trendsetter, and those who want to be on the front lines of fashion should definitely check her website out.

Stylish Petite

For the smaller ladies who sometimes struggle to find clothes that fit well, is the answer to your problems.  Southern Californian Annie, who is barely five feet tall and wears a double-zero size in pants and dresses, started the blog in 2010, and she showcases her fabulous sense of style that is both sophisticated and sexy.

The Lo Down

Former Laguna Beach star Lo Bosworth has kept busy with her own popular fashion blog that she launched in 2010 that features anything from shopping New York City to her must-have beauty products.  The blogger is also an aspiring chef with a variety of yummy foods for you to try out, such as this linguine with spicy shrimp.  Bosworth is also active on Instagram and Pinterest, for those who want to follow her fashion pins and inspiration.


Refinery29 is a fashion blog that features all the latest trends and which has tons of beauty and style tips for the fashion conscious.  It also covers wellness topics, emerging fashion trends, designer information, and celebrity news, among other things.  Refinery29 has plenty of cool fashion articles that cover anything from pretty dresses to the chic bomber jacket that’s making a comeback.  

College Fashion

You can study and look hot at the same time by taking tips from this blog.  College Fashion is written by college students, for college students, so that you can truly get a sense of what is trending on campus.  In addition to stylish clothes, you can also learn how to decorate your dorm room or be in the know about cool tech giveaways.  College can be a stressful time in any woman’s life, and it’s great to have a website devoted to twenty-something fashions and how to dress for various occasions, both on and off campus.


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