Matte About You

Posted: Aug 14 2015

Move over glossy, matte is in! Like your fav 90s classics, the matte lip has made a comeback. So give that pout a makeover by sporting vibrant lip colors without the shine. The matte finish not only looks good but is smudge free, highly pigmented and super long-lasting. Not to mention, we’ve all lost that battle between loose hair strands and sticky lip gloss, leaving your face a hot smeared mess. 

We know what you’re thinking, these matte shades are gonna leave your lips dry like a saltine cracker. But we’re ready to prove you wrong. Try out one of the NYX matte lipsticks or lip creams and you’re in for a game changer. They glide on smooth and will leave your lips feeling luscious and moist, not parched.

Now that we’ve whet your appetite, go visit our beauty page to check out all the shades we carry from classic reds to vivacious pinks to deep browns and purples. Get lip serviced by Fly Nation and spread the word.


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